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Proven wedding strategies to help you plan the perfect wedding day

How to plan a wedding

If you are reading this, chances are, you’ve started planning your wedding day, possibly the most important party that you will ever hold.


Exciting times ahead, right?


Sure, there’s lots to look forward to, but so many couples, couples that i talk to on a daily basis, although excited, often harbour thoughts of stress and anxiety.


They really want to have the perfect wedding, and create a celebration that will live long in their’s, and their guests memory – A wedding to be proud of.


If that sounds a little like you, then your the reason i wrote the book.


Planning an amazing wedding day, doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting, it all boils down to a few key elements, all working together, to pull off a fantastic wedding.


Just a few secrets, a small number of tested and proven strategies, that I’ve learned in my 10+ years as a wedding entertainer, is all you need to plan a relaxed and enjoyable wedding day.


Because i work so closely with my clients, i really got to know the in’s and outs of their planning formula, and got to see, first hand, what really worked, and more importantly – what didn’t.


Success leaves clues, and it wasn’t long till i realised what actually made the difference between a great wedding, and god damn awesome wedding.


Every wedding, new distinctions revealed themselves, and i got to know the things that really mattered.


I’ve laid them all out within the pages of my book, for you to copy and deploy.Its easy to read, full of helpful tips, and inspiration, along with some of my personal wedding stories.


It really is my pleasure to share my experience, and knowledge with you, lessons that will undoubtedly remove your fears and worries.


I guarantee, even if you get just one tip from reading my book, i know it would of been worthwhile, and beneficial to you, and your wedding day.



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If you want to ditch tradition and create a wedding that’ll be talked about for years to come, then Howard Wing is most definitely your man! Howard is the ultimate wedding pro, and in all my years behind the lens, I’ve never met anyone with the same level of enthusiasm for weddings as Mr Wing… He really is a revelation!”
Johnny Draper, Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013

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