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Weddings with a Swing

Weddings are brilliant… none more so than your own. But with so many things to consider, where do you begin to start when it comes to planning your perfect day, and how do you make your wedding stand out from the many thousands of others?

…What magic ingredients can you include to spark life into the most important party you’re ever likely to plan, and how do you deliver all the key elements in one seamless flow?

These are just some of the questions you’ll find the answers to, and having been involved in over 500 weddings, you’ll be able to draw upon the very best of my experiences to make your own wedding the kind of day you’ve always dreamed of.

“What I have realised during my time in the industry, is that brilliant weddings don’t just happen by chance. Successful gatherings and perfect parties leave many clues behind, so if you want to find out more about planning the best wedding you’ve ever been to… you’re in the right place!”

It won’t be long now until you’re heading down the aisle yourself, so open your mind, and get ready soak up the good stuff!

Have a good look around the site and don’t forget to download your free wedding pack.

My brochure which includes a free CD, a self- penned guide book entitled “Quick Tips for a Top

You’ll also receive your own music planner – a handy a resource to help you choose your favourite tracks for each of the key parts of the day.

And on top of all this …you’ll also get the chance to grab a copy of my brand new book, “The Best Wedding You’ve Ever Been To!”.

To find out more, including pricing, availability and to book a free wedding consultation click here.

“My wedding day is still being talked about today. Howard delivered everything he promised and more and I would highly recommend everyone to book Howard. I look at the photographs of the wedding breakfast and everybody is laughing and smiling. He was absolutely brilliant and made our day memorable.”

“Howards professional approach to everything was superb. Our guests were very complimentary saying it was the best wedding ever. He has a particular skill of understanding how much individuals want to participate in the entertainment and this along with his brilliant voice made our day.”